We know how important it is to buy for those special guys in your life. That's why we've put together a range of gift wrap, just for him. All ages have been considered, from little boys and their first few birthdays, to older gentlemen who might prefer a bit of peace and quiet and a nice bottle of something on their birthday, rather than a party. From gift bags, to gift wrap, to boxes, we have a range of different types of gift wrap to suit whatever type of present you're gifting them. Many come with milestone birthdays on, such as 18th, 30th, 60th and so on, so you can personalise their gift before they've even unwrapped it. Show how thoughtful you are with our selection of unique gift wrap for him below in our online store.

For Him

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  1. Blue Dotty Gifts Bags
    From £0.99
    Blue Dotty Gifts Bags
  2. Butterfly Gift Bags
    From £0.99
    Butterfly Gift Bags
  3. Candles Gift Bags
    From £1.59
    Candles Gift Bags
  4. Cool Dude Gift Bags
    From £1.39
    Cool Dude Gift Bags
  5. Just for You Gift Bags
    From £0.99
    Just for You Gift Bags
  6. Silver Hearts Gift Bags
    From £0.99
    Silver Hearts Gift Bags
  7. Spots M Gift Bags
    From £0.99
    Spots M Gift Bags
  8. Stripes M Gifts Bags
    From £0.99
    Stripes M Gifts Bags
  9. Today Is About You Star Burst Gift Bags
    From £1.39
    Today Is About You Star Burst Gift Bags
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