Help to celebrate your special someone's anniversary with the perfect gift bag. Before they even see what their gift is, they will first set their eyes upon the gift bag that awaits them - and your thoughtfulness will shine through. From bottle bags which contain their favourite drink, to gift boxes packed with all the items they love - be it chocolate, jewellery or something completely different - ensure that the suspense from the surprise keeps them waiting just that tiny bit longer while they unwrap their gift and find the goodies within the anniversary gift bag. Browse our selection below.


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  1. Confetti Hearts Gifts Bags
    From £1.39
    Confetti Hearts Gifts Bags
  2. Just for You Gift Bags
    From £0.99
    Just for You Gift Bags
  3. Mr and Mrs Gift Bags
    From £0.99
    Mr and Mrs Gift Bags
  4. Silver Hearts Gift Bags
    From £0.99
    Silver Hearts Gift Bags
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